Choosing The Best Winter Comforter

When the white powder and the cold temperatures settle in, it's a sign that it's time to warm up and get comfortable. A winter comforter is a staple. It helps you stay cozy under the covers without feeling sweaty. We've selected this list of top rated winter blankets from Beckham Hotel Collection to keep you toasty this winter.

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How to choose the best comforter for winter

Finding the best comforter for winter depends on your sleep needs. There are several factors to consider for the best blanket for winter. However, the choice ultimately boils down to your body temperature, materials, size and density. 

Your body temperature

All people release different amounts of heat and sweat during sleep. For example, hot sleepers experience night sweats if the bed is too warm. As such, hot sleepers benefit from fabrics that lower temperatures and absorb sweat for comfortable sleep. On the other hand, cold sleepers release less heat and need the warmest bedding for winter to increase and insulate heat.

Therefore, the best blankets for warmth should be light enough to prevent too much heat but warm enough to ensure comfort. It's crucial to know your sleeping habits and ideal body temperature in bed before purchasing a comforter.

If you share a bed with a partner, it's easier to select a comforter that's warm enough for everyone but easy to layer is necessary.


There are a variety of materials when selecting thick comforters for winter. Some fabrics are softer than others, while others are fluffier.

  • Wool: Wool is a natural fiber that is warm, breathable, and excellent for insulation in the cold. This material is especially beneficial for hot sleepers because it draws sweat and moisture from the bed. Wool is also a fire-resistant fabric and generally on the pricier ends for winter blankets.
  • Down: Down is a light material, fluffy, and easy to scrunch down for storage. Usually, down comforters are made of goose feathers that offer the best insulation and softness in the winter. However, down comforters can also trap dust, mites and pollen, which can make sleep uncomfortable—as such, using a blanket cover and cleaning the comforter regularly is necessary.
  • Alternative down: Alternative goose down comforters use synthetic goose feathers to provide the softness of goose feathers but with a lower risk for dust, mites, and pollen. Synthetic bed linens are warm, comfortable and plushy. They provide warmth in the winter and are comfortable in warmer seasons. What's more, they're light and easy to handle and clean.
  • Cotton: A cotton blanket for winter is one of the best ways to improve your sleep. Cotton is a natural fiber, breathable, and great for people with allergies and sensitive skin. In addition, a high thread count improves the insulation capacity of the blanket. Usually, it's best to select a blanket with sewn-in dividers to prevent scrunching up the cotton during washes.


The best type of blanket for winter covers the top of your mattress and falls over to the sides with a few inches for tucking in. Ideally, your winter comforter should be approximately 8 inches longer than your height to accommodate the fold at the top and the bottom of the bed. Most comforters indicate the sizes in feet or inches, making it easier for you to choose a blanket that fits your bed.


Not all winter blankets are created equal. For example, density often determines if a comforter is the best blanket for cold weather or warm weather. BHC alternative down comforters are thick enough to keep you warm while light enough to prevent night sweats and discomfort.

Which fabric/material is best for a winter comforter?

While all materials provide warmth and comfort in bed, we recommend alternative down comforters. They are lightweight, soft to touch, warm, and easy to clean. What's more, synthetic down fiber is also friendly for people with allergies.

BHC alternative comforters also have a soft microfiber cover and sewn-in filling to easily fit into comforter covers. With an alternative down comforter and the warmest bedding for winter, you'll easily enjoy hotel-like sleep quality.

Does it matter if I'm a hot sleeper or a cold sleeper?

While finding the warmest blankets for winter is a top priority, it's equally important to be comfortable. If you're a hot sleeper, you want a winter comforter that cools the bed. However, if you're a cold sleeper, you need a winter blanket that lowers that increases temperature without making you restless.

Fortunately, with the BHC 1600 lightweight goosedown alternative, you can find the best balance for cold and hot sleepers. This winter down alternative comforter is light enough to layer with sheets and heavy enough to keep you warm throughout the winter. 

If you're sharing a bed with a person or enjoy adjusting the temperature as you sleep, a light winter comforter is an ideal solution. The key is knowing how to layer blankets for maximum warmth.

Do I need to put my comforter away after the winter?

While the warmest blankets for winter are great in the season, many rarely serve your sleep needs in other seasons. However, with an all season comforter, you can stay cozy in the winter and remain comfortable for the seasons to come. BHC alternative goosedown comforters are easy to layer in the cold season and light enough for sleep in the warm weather.

How to care for and wash my comforter

A down comforter is a great alternative to keep you warm without going flat or trapping allergens. However, even the best comforter for winter needs regular cleaning and maintenance to serve you.

A simple machine wash on the recommended temperature settings and cycles ensures a clean and fluffy winter blanket. Fortunately, you can wash your winter comforter twice a year and instead layer it with bedding for winter that's easier to clean.

Find the Best Winter Comforter

BHC comforters provide warmth and comfort during winter and all seasons. The sewn-in synthetic goose feathers provide the best insulation for the winter, without trapping allergens such as dust and mites. What's more, the comforters are beautiful and fit any bedroom aesthetic. Find a Beckham Hotel Collection comforter for you today.