How Do Hotels Make Their Beds So Comfortable? Here’s How:

woman backpacker excited to reach a comfortable hotel bed

In celebration of National Make Your Bed Day, I’m going to ask the question that I’m certain is on everyone’s minds: how do hotels make their beds so comfortable? While many hotels work hard to make their beds ultra-comfortable, it doesn’t mean that we can’t create that cozy atmosphere in the comfort of our home!

We are capable of making our beds with the skill and luxury hotel bedding that we deserve, and I will show you how. From which sheets to use all the way to how to make a bed hotel style, we will cover what you need to know to feel like you’re laying in 5-star luxury.

Why Are Hotel Beds So Comfortable?

While making a hotel bed is an art of its own, the most important aspect of the bed is the bedding. It may seem like an impossible task to get hotel bedding at home, but listen - it’s actually quite easy. Let’s break the mysteries of the hotel bed down to its basic parts:

Hotel Mattresses

Having a good mattress is essential in making your bed feel luxurious. But, answer me this: are hotel mattresses soft or firm? It depends on the hotel, right? That is my point - the mattress is not necessarily what makes Marriott beds so comfortable, nor DoubleTree beds, nor Holiday Inn beds, even. It’s important, sure, but it’s not like every hotel company goes to the same mattress store ( far as I know). Enter the mattress topper!

What mattress toppers do hotels use?

Hotels often splurge here, and so should we. High-quality, thick mattress toppers with feather or down fabric are the way to go. Soft and soothing for a satisfying snooze.

Hotel Pillows

Pillows must be not only pleasing to look at, but extremely functional as well. Hotels always nail this. How? Why are hotel pillows so comfortable? What kind of pillows do they use?

Hotels often use down alternative pillows for their cooling properties and support. You know how you never wake up sweaty in a hotel? It isn’t just because they’re blasting the AC at all times as if they’re preserving our bodies for science, it’s because they’re using these kinds of pillows. To create a 5-star hotel experience from home, check out these pillows here!

Hotel Sheets

What kind of sheets do hotels use? Hotels make a point to select bedding that isn’t too dense, to keep things light and soft. Eucalyptus or bamboo bed sheets like these are often the standard fare for hotel beds. Try to aim for light textures and colors to get the entire hotel experience at home.

Hotel Comforters

What kind of comforter do hotels use? Well, hotel comforters go hand-in-hand with hotel sheets. Hotels often use down alternative comforters for their lightweight, soft-as-a-cloud feel. If you’re looking to mimic the hotel experience down to the aesthetics, try this comforter. It will turn your bed from lackluster to luxurious in a matter of seconds!

How do hotels wash comforters to make them so soft?

Caring for a comforter can be a little tricky, and the way hotels do it isn’t always simple - here is a helpful guide to show you how to care for your comforter like a pro!

How to Make a Bed Like a Hotel

luxurious hotel bed

At last, here we are! Follow these steps on how to make a hotel bed to get the authentic hotel experience:

  1. Place your sheets in the middle of the bed, hanging them evenly over all edges.
  2. Pull your sheets as tight as you can over the bed before tucking in the edges. These are called hospital corners, and they’re essential for the look.
  3. Lay your comforter out and tuck it along the bottom of the bed. Smooth out all creases. ALL OF THEM! 
  4. Pull up the duvet and smooth it out again. I mean it. This is essential.
  5. Add your pillows. The more pillows, the better. Place them in a layered way so that no spaces are showing. 
  6. Learn how to make origami animals with a towel. You don’t have to, but it’s a fun touch. I would. 

That’s it! You’re done! Now you know how to make a bed like a luxury hotel, and you didn’t even have to take a class. I hope this blog helped you, or at least steered you in the right direction. For more luxury hotel-style bedding options, check out our website! Sleep well!

Contributing Writer: Aurora Detor